Whose Underwear Is That? is the 6th episode in Season 2 of Paradise Run.


In a topsy-turvy competition, three teams of BFF's and siblings search for sunken treasure, run in frozen underwear and catch some flying fish while on the run.


  • Team Makani: Santana (12) & Noah (12) - Best Friends
  • Team Nalu: Pam (12) & Jessica (11) - Best Friends
  • Team Ahi: Jacob (14) & Tea (11) - Brother/Sister

Challenge 1 - Catch of the Day

One teammate would call out the name of each of the four fish (mahi mahi, opakapaka, ono & monchong) & the other had to go to a fish market & put the correct fish on their tray/platter (which had to be carried over their heads).

Challenge 2 - Salute Your Frozen Shorts

On the underpants in the ice buckets were syllables of the Hawaiian state fish, the humuhumunukunukuapua'a. They had to be hung correctly, that fish’s name had to be pronounced right & they then had to do their salute.

Challenge 3 - Sunken Treasure

Ten pieces of treasure (incl. one buried in sand) had to be taken to shore & their island had to be pulled across (a piece of a toilet acted as the souvenir they had to take from this task).


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  • Answer: Islands

Finish Line

  • Winners - Nalu
  • 2nd Place - Makani
  • 3rd Place - Ahi
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