I Scream for Ice Cream is the 7th episode in Season 2 of Paradise Run.


To the Paradise prize, BFFs battle cousins to be VIPs, make a massive waffle-cone treat, and tune up a ginormous ukulele.


  • Team Makani: Kailea (11) & Noe (11) - Best Friends
  • Team Nalu: Gilbert (14) & Kira (11) - Cousins
  • Team Ahi: Sy'aire (12) & Sean (12) - Best Friends

Challenge 1 - Paradise VIP

Costumes were placed into the lagoon. They had to put one on, get into a paddle boat & remember an eight-bracelet color sequence. That order had to be placed on a “chaperone”.

Order of Completion

  1. Makani
  2. Nalu
  3. Ahi

Challenge 2 - Ice Cream Kona

One flavor at a time, a teammate had to call out a flavor the other teammate had to get after going down a water slide; s/he had to put that flavor of I.C. on the giant scoop & into their cone. They would switch places after each flavor & after six flavors, they could put W.C. & a cherry on top & move onto their 2nd task.

Order of Completion

  1. Nalu
  2. Ahi
  3. Makani

Challenge 3 - U-Key Tune Up

A giant ukulele had to be put together (this included the team needing to find the peg of their color).

Order of Completion

  1. Ahi
  2. Makani
  3. Nalu


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  • Answer: Lighthouse

Order of Completion

  1. Ahi
  2. Nalu
  3. Makani

Finish Line

  • Winners - Nalu
  • 2nd Place - Ahi
  • 3rd Place - Makani


  • This episode recorded the longest run.
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