Forgive You Not! is the 9th episode in Season 2 of Paradise Run.


In a Hawaiian Paradise, three teams of BFFs and siblings battle for a family of turtles, sport a sumo-size sponge suit, and run to a very wet wedding.


  • Team Makani: Kainoa (13) & Tiago (13) - Best Friends
  • Team Nalu: Michael (11) & Sophia (13) - Brother/Sister
  • Team Ahi: Bella (12) & Kae (11) - Best Friends

Challenge 1 - Honu Hatchery

They have to find 8 eggs,pop them and release them back in the lagoon.

Order of Completion

  1. Ahi
  2. Nalu
  3. Makani

Challenge 2 - Bridge Out, Check-In

While the main bridge was out of order, eight pieces of luggage had to be moved from the lagoon to shore. That luggage & a dad had to be placed onto a hotel cart & moved across the bridge that was working to a wedding chapel.

Order of Completion

  1. Nalu
  2. Makani
  3. Ahi

Challenge 3 - Hug It Out

They would put on a hug suit & have to hug together four pieces of meat (each one of which had something youngsters do to annoy each other on the bottom) using water; each meat had to be dropped into a container.

Order of Completion

  1. Makani
  2. Ahi
  3. Nalu


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  • Answer: Turtle

Order of Completion

  1. Makani
  2. Ahi
  3. Nalu

Finish Line

  • Winners - Nalu
  • 2nd Place - Ahi
  • 3rd Place - Makani
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